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Pronounced 'an chuan', the Chinese symbol for security is a powerful one that is taken seriously worldwide. This site is for the development of open source security programs for both Linux and Windows environments. Primary development involves securing Oracle© 10g databases and securing Linux and Windows operating systems.

All programs are licensed under the GNU GPL.

-- NEWS --

July 12, 2007
Unfortunately this project has stalled. I am looking for young, eager developers to assist me in rejuvinizing both anchuan.org and the firefly project. Please email me at timothy.ferro@gmail.com

November 16, 2006
Call for ideas! The Alpha 1 release is basically what will be completed for the Beta 0 release. At that point it will be ready for intense testing. I am asking for ideas to enhance the current project for the Beta 1 or 2 release. I will consider the top 3 ideas and then decide on which to implement. Please email or post on the forum any ideas.

October 19, 2006
Alpha 1 release for the "Firefly" project for Windows © XP/2003 is now available on https://sourceforge.net/projects/anchuan.

October 18, 2006
Call for developers! With the release of Firefly Alpha 1, that project will officially be in beta. We have a developer for the Windows© patches but we are considering other developers for new innovative ideas for the program. Contact us via the forums on the Firefly project on Sourceforge.net.

-- NEWS --


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